The FMD Team has successfully developed TWINHEADS® ( US Patent 6,780,161), a breakthrough in ESWL technology.

Since the introduction of the first shock wave lithotripter, two decades ago, there has been no advancement in the original technology. The differences between the several lithotripsy products available in the market are minor and are based on structural design aspects rather than on technological upgrading.

The Twinheads® technology uses the "Synchronous Twin Pulse Technique", which is an innovation in ESWL techniques, using two sources of energy instead of one. FMD 's patent covers the angle between the two SW sources as well as shocks firing time.

The results of recently published studies show that the rate and quality (size of fragments) of stone disintegration of the Twinheads® technology have significantly improved in comparison to standard single pulse machines. Sheir et al have completed research work on the effects of TWINHEADS® on animal tissues, that was published in Golden Urology November 2003 issue. The study proved that no or very minimal tissue damage did occur.

Pig's kidneys after 2000 shocks from TWINHEADS®

Pig's kidneys after 2000 shocks from a single pulse lithotripter

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The Twinheads® technology is based on the discovery that the collapse of cavitation bubbles can be controlled by the timing and direction of additional shock waves. The generation of another shock wave propagating at a certain angle from the original shock wave will enhance the treatment effect of shock waves and will abolish or minimize the tissue damage effect outside the focal area.